FASHION WITHOUT CRUELTY!!! All the products in our catalog are animal free manufactured. FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE

About Us

Welcome to trendnchic!!
It is great to meet You.
Here is a little bit of who we are.
Trendnchic is an online retailer of Jewelry, Clothing, and Accessories offering great values to YOU, who enjoy looking great without spending a fortune of your precious money....
We are also very strong about  FASHION WITHOUT CRUELTY, and sell only "VEGAN FASHION" products due to the great respect we have to the lives, care, and protection of animals. All of us involved in this project are animal lovers and believe that one can look beautifully great, and at the same time, respect our precious environment. Therefore, we do our best import only high quality "vegan" products from our internationally known vendors and pass them on to you. Trust us, it is not an easy task, but very fulfilling.
Our jewelry and accessories are imported from different countries after intensive research on pools of distinctive vendors, their history, product quality, and shipping and handling effectiveness. Welcome to our fashion journey and hope you enjoy it!

 “Humanity's true moral test, its fundamental test…consists of its attitude towards those who are at its mercy: animals.”
― Milan Kundera